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Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance [Short Notice]

Amazon Web Services has informed us on very short notice that underlying machines on 1/3 of our EC2 and RDS instances will be cycled/rebooted over the coming days. Dear Amazon EC2 Customer, One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances are scheduled to be rebooted for required host maintenance. The maintenance will occur sometime during the window provided for… Read It

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin Version 2.1 Broken

For those of you using the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin you may have noticed a troublesome error message when accessing your site today. Please open this page in the Admin panel only. This is due to the latest release that was rolled out on 2014-7-28. But not to worry, the team detected this error around 2:30pm… Read It

Intermittent Networking issues on non-cached requests.

Jul – 25 9:30AM PST We are investigating low level networking issues between our proxy layer (provider A) and the web backends (Amazon). We are losing a few packets in transit which is resulting in the occasional 502/timeout for non-cached requests. Will update as we gather more information.

Pool3 Retired

Pool3 which has been in service for over 3 years has been retired. All our customer sites with the exception of a handful of enterprise clients have been moved to our new AWS stack.

Pool 10 retired

The march continues. We have moved the last site off the legacy pool 10 over to the new pool 20. We have a few hundred remaining sites on the legacy pool3 to go and we will be fully on the new system. Look for the migration email in your inbox as we wrap this up…. Read It

WordPress 3.8.1 upgrade underway

We will be updating all sites to WordPress 3.8.1 within the next week.  Most sites will be updated in the next 24 hours. WordPress 3.8.1 is a low risk maintenance upgrade. For the list of fixes see the 3.8.1 release notes.

Pool 9 Retired

Pool9 has been put out to pasture and Pool 10 and Pool 3 are not far behind. Keep an eye on your inbox for your migration notice.  The new stack we are calling Pool20 (which is actually a half dozen redundant server pairs) has been performing extremely well with ~250ms average response times and 100%… Read It

Migration to latest gen AWS stack underway.

Over a hundred of you have been receiving emails over the last week regarding your Pagely site being migrated. Pool20 is our latest hosting stack built on AWS. As you can see from the load times above it is a screamer, about 40% faster then our old setups, and represents the most significant change to… Read It

Pool 10 Status thread

09.17.2013 2:35 PM PST Restored full service. 09.17.2013 2:11 PM PST Engineers are addressing a performance issue on Pool 10 related to the file system.   Note: Live Status is shown on the homepage of this site.